Supersonic Maneki Neko Maze

Maze of supersonic maneki neko

Yanito Freminoshi Maze of a SuperSonic Maneki Neko | Maze Solved Here

Op art maze with distinct psychedelic patterns depicting a Maneki Neko style “Welcoming cat” as a maze puzzle. Created by Yanito Freminoshi. This maze artwork is part of the Free Mazes Project, so feel free to use in any way that you want. It is all good.

Cats, Monkeys, Maze and Casinos

Maze of Cat

Cat Maze by Mr. Yanito Freminoshi | Maze Solution Here

The surprising truth about rewards, monkey-man similarity and the relation to online casino, cats and mazes

cat meme furry poolRewards are good. There are no controversies surrounding this statement. Rewards are the positive results, or feedbacks if one prefers, being given and they are always perceived as beneficial. Why, then, some people and even some animals seem to delay rewards in alternation with other options? What does science have to say about rewards’ cons and pros and what does it all have to do with gambling and mazes?
internetist vs optimist or pessimist cat memeA very famous research about rewards in human beings tested a group of kids who were asked not to touch a stockpile of candies that was put in front of their eyes, when the kids were left alone. Some kids did as they were told, and indeed did not touch the candies. Others, however, did not stop themselves and ate the candies right away. Further researches which tested longer-term results claimed that those who could delay the satisfaction, such as the kids who did not eat the candies, were able to gain greater rewards later on in life since they could OLG online slots bannerresist a small immediate benefit in alternation with a greater and later ones. Although resisting temptations seems to contradict with the human nature, or even the nature of animals in general, some researches show different. In examinations done with monkeys by Duke University and Rochester University, monkeys were put in front of online casino games and given the chance to gamble. The first observations showed the monkeys drew satisfaction from gambling and even exhibited the “hot-hand phenomenon” which means they developed a “gut-feeling” relating to their expected results in each spin. The surprising findings, nonetheless, actually related to the monkeys rewarding preferences. While the monkeys understood they had a chance to funny cat meme sleeping in funny placebe rewarded immediately during the game, they choose to risk what they have in order to get a chance to gain a greater reward later on. In other words, the monkeys gave away a sure small winning for an uncertain greater reward. These surprising findings shed a different light regarding animalistic preferences and let us know their rewarding system is actually more sophisticated than previously perceived. These findings also contained an additional result that was found as similar between the monkeys and the human species. Monkeys, apparently, draw satisfaction and relaxation from caring for other animals including cats. The act of petting a cat seems to evoke positive inner feeling in the monkeys which were observed doing so while gambling online. This monkey business related to the humanistic preference to be self-occupied while gambling online, either by touching a cat or by another activity such as solving mazes and eating breakfast.

not a morning cat memeWhile rewards are without a doubt positive to all species, it is now clearer that animals, as much as people, are able to delay them in expectation for greater benefit in the near or far future. Such greater rewards can be found both for people and for monkeys on online gambling games.

Cat Maze solution

cat maze solution

Maze Art of a Lava Lamp Pattern


Lava Lamp Maze | SOLUTION

Have you ever wondered how to go about ascertaining opportunities that allow you to incorporate your astrological chart with your Internet casino gaming activities? Not everyone understands or likes astrology but many people recognize that the system, which spans thousands of years and hundreds of cultures, offers a meaningful system of analysis and prediction. If you want to apply your personal astrology chart to your gaming activities and enhance your online casino achievements, you’re in good company. Many astrologists and astrology software programs provide you with the information that you need to help you align your birth date with different types of astrological phenomena. In the world of astrology there are numerous systems of divination which are based on the relationship between the stars, the zodiac and your luck. The positions of the moon, the sun and other celestial objects are correlated to the date and time of your birth. These elements explain different aspects of your personality and may even predict future life events. In real terms this means that, if you want to use your astrological chart to boost your gambling successes you will need to examine the 2nd, 6th, 9th and 12th Houses of your birth chart and compare them as they interact with the stars and planets. Each House connects to a different aspect of financial well-being such as wealth, unexpected earnings/winnings, fate, material gains, financial losses, and recommended actions. You can find numerous options that allow you to analyze your personal horoscope for gaming purposes. You may wish to read a magazine or newspaper horoscope and apply it to your own life, though astrologists don’t recommend this method because these types of horoscopes are not personalized. You can create your own astrological chart via research using online tutorials that provide you with the tools to chart your own astrological situation. You can analyze your chart by using one of the available online horoscope tools. Lastly you can contact an astrologist and obtain your own personalized chart, prepared specifically for you by a professional astrologist. Light gamblers generally don’t want to invest a lot of money in creating a personalized horoscope. For gamers who gamble more frequently, particularly ipad casino gamers, may find that the cost of creating a chart is a good investment. Your chart can tell you which games you should play, how often you should play and whether you should play frequently for low stakes or infrequently for high stakes.

Cat Mazes and Monkey Gambling

Monkey gambling has been the focus of many research papers and every study has concluded that monkeys understand how to gamble and are keen gamblers. Also an awesome cat maze and some funny cat and monkey materials and memes.


Cat Suprise Maze

Maze of a Suprised Cat | SOLUTION HERE

Ever since the 1970’s when a chimpanzee at Columbia University took part in “Project Nim” in an attempt to see if non-human primates could learn to communicate with humans, researchers have become increasingly ambitious in their efforts to teach monkeys everyday human skills. Monkey research is a fascinating study in its own right, their close physical and even psychological similarity to humans can also help shed light on human behaviour and attitudes.  In the last number of years a number of different studies have been developed to see if monkeys can be taught to gamble and, if so, do their gambling tendencies tend to match those of humans. The findings shed light upon our shared evolutionary basis and can be used to provide insight into gambling addictions.


Imagine walking into your local casino and seeing monkeys sitting around the poker table cat magazinewith the other players, or, maybe you spot a group of monkeys perched on a chair at the slots games, although the probability of this happening in real life is highly unlikely, this scenario is really not that far-fetched.   Monkey gambling has been the focus of many research papers and every study has concluded that monkeys not only understand how to gamble, they are also keen gamblers and enjoy playing casino games. In this paper we will touch on some of the major research projects carried out by scientists, biologists and psychologists and demonstrate the valuable and interesting conclusions that this research has generated.


In August 2005, Duke University Medical Center Neurobiologist Michael Platt and his colleagues published a research paper in the Nature Neuroscience Journal where they concluded that given the choice between receiving a steady and safe reward, or, a larger but riskier reward, monkeys overwhelmingly preferred to gamble in the hope of winning the more generous but riskier reward.

The researchers hypothesized that studying the behavior of monkeys could help us understand the behavior of compulsive gamblers and their overwhelming need to experience the winners high whilst obliterating and ignoring the constant pain of the losses that they experienced. This experiment is also very valuable in helping scientists understand the correlation between risk, reward and neurons in the human brain.


Yes you read that correctly! Scientists at Yale University carried out a series of tests to meme of cat in a boxsee if they could teach monkeys how to use money. Not only were they successful in teaching the monkeys how to exchange money for fruit, they also noted that like humans, monkeys would buy more of one foodstuff if the price would fall. Once the researchers concluded that the monkeys understood the value of money and how to use it for their benefit, they introduced them to gambling games.

The monkeys responded enthusiastically and the researchers found that much like humans, monkeys were more likely to gamble on a game that had a potential win as opposed to a game with a potential loss even if the odds of winning at the game were identical. In one game the monkeys were given one grape to hold, with the flip of a coin they could either gain another grape or not. The second game began with the monkeys being awarded two grapes, the coin flip determined if they held on to both grapes or had to return one of them. The monkeys consistently chose to play the first version of the game even though the likelihood of them winning two grapes was exactly the same in both games. The same test given to humans would have a very similar result.


Perhaps the most famous of all monkey gambling research was the 2014 study carried out by Tommy Blanchard a Doctoral candidate at the University of Rochester together with Hayden and Wilke, Psychology professors from Clarkson University. The premise of their study was to determine if the same proclivity towards believing in a winning and losing streak was shared with the monkeys, if this was the case, the researchers could determine that this is a predisposition that is ingrained in our cognitive psychology.

The researchers created a computer game that the monkeys were taught to play. The cat meme pool tablegame had three different screens. In one game two objects appeared on the screen, the monkey could choose one of the objects by simply gazing at it. In one of the games the winning object was on the right side of the screen whilst in the other game, the winning object was on the left side of the screen.  If the monkey would gaze at the winning object he would be rewarded with some juice. The monkeys quickly learned to play and correctly guessed the necessary answer in order to win a prize. The third screen however was completely random. This meant that the reward could be either for picking the object on the right side of the screen or the left side of the screen.  When presented with the completely random screen the choices were made as if the monkeys expected their winning or losing streak to continue. In other words, even when the outcome was random the monkeys would follow a trend.

The findings of Blanchard’s research study demonstrate that the hot-hand bias or phenomena whereby we see patterns where none exist is common to both humans and primates. This commonality infers that evolution has primed our brains to look for patterns even where none occur.


banner for australian online casino bannerEvery study involving monkeys and gambling that has been carried out to date has pointed to some overwhelming similarities between the behaviour of monkeys and humans:

  • Monkeys and many humans will always choose to opt for a potentially larger reward in place of a smaller but more certain outcome.
  • Much like humans, the monkeys at Yale were more likely to gamble on a game that had a potential win as opposed to a game with a potential loss even if the odds of winning at the game were identical.
  • Monkeys, like humans, believe that there is a hot-handed bias involved in life whether this is a lucky roll on the basketball court or a string of lucky wins at the online casino when playing a game of online pokies, this belief helps explain why humans are likely to engage in risky behaviour in the first place. Our belief is based on the erroneous understanding that that we can somehow control events by finding a pattern even if no such pattern exists.


The similarities between the monkey and the human when it comes to gambling can help scientists and psychologists understand that people will sometimes act against their own self interest if a feeling or irrational thought overtakes their logic. Players can often lose large sums of money and act against their own financial best interests. If researchers are better able to understand and to pinpoint the biases and unnecessarily risky behaviour that humans partake in, then they may be better equipped to offer better therapeutic solutions and therapies for players who become addicted to gambling.

solved cat maze


In his research, Hayden also discovered that the monkey’s gambling behaviour was equally driven by the desire to win a reward as well as the value of finding out if they had won, this finding sheds new light on the region of the brain that is used by gamblers and particularly those with an addiction. This information is potentially very important for new treatments for psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders as well as gambling addiction.

As well as equipping therapists or psychologists to construct more helpful therapies for humans who are faced with a serious challenge such as a gambling addiction, these studies also highlight the similarities between humans and primates. Very often humans tend to assume that we have the upper cognitive hand and we are significantly intellectually superior to non-human primates, studies such as these help demonstrate that the differences between us when it comes to decision making are fairly marginal and far from being rational thinking human beings, the decisions that we make are often made without us having a clear idea why.



For a more detailed account of the study by Hayden et al,

The Hot Handed bias experiment explained in more detail.


Crystal Forming Maze

forming crystals maze

maze of forming crystals by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLUTION HERE

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Monkeys Gambling Like Humans Play Online Slots

Maze of a monkey taking a selfie, information about monkeys gambling and how humans holding a cat and playing online casino compare. And some funny cat memes.

maze of a monkey selfie

The Monkey Selfie Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLUTION HERE

 Monkey Gambling Behavior

Magazine Cover Spoof with monkeysTommy Blanchard, a University of Rochester doctoral candidate in brain and behavior sciences, set out to test his hypothesis that biases in decision-making in humans, such as a bias towards a belief in winning and losing streaks, can help us understand our hereditary inclination to gamble. Blanchard theorized that people like to think they make decisions based on information of which they’re conscious. To test this theory he created a study on “monkey gambling” in which he and other researchers observed the “hot hand” behavior of a group of juvenile male rhesus monkeys. Blanchard’s study focused on the “hot hand fallacy” which refers to a belief in winning streaks. Blanchard created a “correlated outcomes task” to examine monkey gaming behavior. In the study, monkeys were put in front of a computer screen and trained to gaze at one of two images that were shown on the screen. Monkeys who chose the rewarded side (right or left) were given prizes which were delivered according to a clear pattern since the reward was either consistently located on one side of the screen cat catching rainbow meme(right or left) or alternated between the two sides on a consistent basis (left right, left right). In a third game condition, the reward was paid out randomly. In the two scenarios in which obvious patterns existed, the monkeys made smart decisions but when the rewards became randomized, the monkeys made their choices as if they expected that a “lucky streak” would emerge, behaving as though they expected that prior rewards would predict future rewards. The monkeys demonstrated this bias consistently, day after day, throughout several weeks of trials. “They had lots and lots of opportunities to get over this banner to online slots sitebias, to learn and change, and yet they continued to show the same tendency,” Blanchard summarized. The Rochester study was able to demonstrate that the tendency to look for patterns where none exists is hard-wired into our cognitive make-up. Looking at the results from an evolutionary perspective, the researchers noted that such behavior can likely be traced back to pre-historic times when primates needed to identify these types of patterns in order to ensure an adequate food supply. Blanchard’s study also has implications for online casino and brick-and-mortar casino operators and players as well as for mental health professionals who treat gamers who engage in excessive gambling behavior. Determining reasons that gamblers play can go a long way towards making the gambling experience safer and more entertaining for everyone.

Cats N Online Casino Behavior in Humans

meow hujadeen cat memeWhat can you do at the online casino that you can’t do at the big hotel casinos that are so popular in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Monte Carlo? You can’t roll out of bed in your pajamas, eat a quick breakfast, drink a cup of coffee, read the morning newspaper, cuddle up with your cat and start playing using free casino bonus codes. No land-based casino offers casino bonus codes, which are exclusive to the online experience. You can find them on different casino-related websites, and at most of the major casino sites themselves. The online casino bonus codes are a great way to try out new games, but they can’t be exchanged for cash directly. The online casino bonus does, however, make the playing experience more fun and more positive, which is always a good thing when you’re navigating the highs and lows of the typical playing session. Of course, it’s not all about the online casino bonus that makes the online casino experience richer and more satisfying than the land-based casino experience. There is also the convenience of playing in the setting of your own choosing. You can make it as calm and relaxed as you like, or as lively as you like, depending on what you prefer for playing casino games. And you can’t discount the impact of playing while holding your pet cat in your lap. It’s not only a terrific binding experience between you and the cat that is hard to match, especially if you let the cat press some of the controls for the simpler games and helps you win. The presence of the cat also helps you relax and keep your composure through the roller coaster of casino betting, helping you make better decisions. So check your luck with the online casino today.

Monkey Selfie Maze SOLVED

maze solution to selfie monkey maze

Maze of a Tornado

Maze Tornado by Yanito Freminoshi

Yanito Freminoshi Maze Tornado | Op Art | SOLUTION

It’s fun to play online casino games, and it’s even more fun when you have your beloved pet cat with you, purring happily in your lap, cheering you on as you play. Your cat can even help you play the game itself, hitting the controls for some of the simpler online games. Imagine the bonding experience that would come from celebrating a nice pay out meme of catsfrom a game controlled by your cat! And that’s an experience you can only have at the online casino. No land-based casino would give you the chance to play holding your cat in your lap, and no land-based casino offers other incentives such as free casino bonus codes, which are unique to the online world. Virtually every online casino offers an online casino bonus to players, either as new members of the casino or as promotions to encourage more playing. The bottom line is that online casino bonus codes make the playing experience more enjoyable on a number of levels, and leave a good impression on players. Casino bonus codes are also a great way to try out new games. The two factors together – bonus codes and the ability to play while holding your cat – demonstrate that the options with the online casino are not only greater but more in line with how people like to play casino games. People like to wake up early, roll out of bed, play a few games on their computers, take a break for breakfast or a crossword puzzle, gather their cat in their laps, and return to playing where they left off. They can’t do that at the hotel casinos. That’s why more people are choosing to avoid traveling to casino hot spots across the world to remain home with their cats. And they still get all the thrills of playing for real money.

Chompy Monkey Maze

Maze Art by Yanito Freminoshi of a Chompy Monkeys, and also some gambling monkeys and Roman monkeys eating grapes, and some cat memes to boot.

maze of chomping monkey

The Chompy Monkey Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLUTION HERE

Pokies for Monkeys?

cat meme of funny kittenThe introduction of the online casino brought with it many great benefits for the pokies lover. Because the online casino has no space limitations, they are able to hold a larger variety of games than the land based casino can. The online casino is also known for introducing new games on a regular basis. Being able to carry hundreds of different online pokies games at any one time means that every player is sure to find a game that he will enjoy playing at the online casino. Furthermore, whereas the land based casino may only carry a limited number of each pokies machine, at the online casino an unlimited number of players can enjoy the same machine at the same time and there is no waiting on line. The ipad casino has added to the many advantages of the online casino by giving players the opportunity to play the same great online pokies monkey eating grapes artbut this time from a totally mobile device. The ipad pokies that are available will often use the very same technology as is used by the online pokies game. Although the ipad casino game is played on a smaller screen than the casino games at the online casino, the graphics and sound are of the same high quality and the playing experience is even more fun and enjoyable as players take advantage of the touch screen function of the device and enjoy the pokies games by simply sliding their finger across the device’s screen.

Ipad Pokies?

With iPad pokies, the power is literally in the palm of your hand. You can play mobile pokies anywhere and anytime, even if you can’t get to a computer. If your iPad is equipped with 3G connectivity, you can play online pokies on the bus home from work, on monkey at a slot machine gamblingthe beach, or while you’re relaxing by the pool. Or you can use the iPad’s Wifi capability to play online pokies at many coffee shops and restaurants. It all depends on which casino game you like best. You can also visit the online casino at home while you’re watching television or using your personal computer for work. One of the growing trends in mobile technology is the notion of a second screen, which is the mobile device people use while their main screens are occupied. Thanks to the convenience of mobile technology, more and more people are dividing their attention between two or more screens at the same time. And iPad pokies are particularly well-suited for this type of behaviour because the games are so short and easy to play. You can succeed in mobile pokies even if you split your attention to several online tasks at once. But it is a good idea to stay conscious of how your playing session is going, especially if you’re playing for real money and need to know if you need to adjust your bets. You can even choose from a wide range of mobile polies, all of them specially formatted for the iPad casino and all featuring outstanding graphics, sound effects, and a dazzling theme.

iPad Casino in da house!

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Chompy Monkey Maze SOLUTION

SOLUTION to the maze of the chompy monkey

Pattern Maze Op Art

Op Art Pattern Maze and also 3 funny cat GIFs of a cat taking up TWO chairs, along with some juice details on how to score some free casino bonus codes, and where.

op art of a pattern maze by Yanito Freminoshi

Pattern Maze op art by Yanito Freminoshi | Solution to the actual maze HERE

one cat two chairs funny cat GIFCats N Casinos

Cats are incredible creatures, they are warm and loving and also very loyal. A cat will never abandon his owner and in fact the cat also contributes to the owner’s well being by increasing his feel good hormones that come to the surface more when the owner continually pets his cat. The calming feeling that a cat influences is great for online casino players who benefit from a more enjoyable experience at the online casino that is relatively stress free. The online casino experience is also enhanced by the free casino bonus codes offered by online casinos. The online casino bonus codes are the key to the bonus offers and promotions given at the online casinos. These special promotions are not available at land based casinos and to a certain extent are unique to the online casinos and make up one of the many enticing gif of funny cat on multiple chairsfeatures that the online casino offers to its players. The online casino bonus prolongs the time that each player is able to play casino games and at the same time this adds to the players overall fun. Whether the player is interested in slots or table games, video pokers or card games, he is able to make use of his free casino bonus codes to enhance his gaming time at the casino. Players at the online casino do not realize the benefits of the promotions and special offers until they have experienced it for themselves. These special offers that are awarded funny cat gif SEATS TAKEN!through the bonus codes add to the time that the player is able to enjoy the casino games and it also adds to his full online casino experience. The casino bonus codes are only offered at the online casinos and not something that is readily available at the land based casinos giving another reason why online casinos are increasingly in popularity daily. Together with the casino bonus codes, players benefit from the customer service and support that is given around the clock to each player together with the wide choice of deposit and withdrawal methods and of course the wide choice of games .

Pattern Maze SOLVED

solved pattern maze

Very Funny Cat GIFs

Just to lighten up your day, 2 very funny GIFs of cats. Funny Cat Gifs is what this is.

washing machine cat GIF

Funny cat GIF of a cat running in a giant hamster wheel washing machine. Pretty funny cat GIF that cat owners can relate to.

Funny cat GIF of a kitty in HEAVEN!

Funny Cat GIF of a cat that is clearly in HEAVEAN from being brushed

And now a maze of Aquatic Life Crossword Puzzle

aquatic life crossword puzzle maze

Crossword puzzle maze by Yanito Freminoshi of Aquatic Life | SOLUTION HERE


Currency Crossword Maze Puzzle

The Currency Crossword Puzzle Maze

currency crossword puzzle maze

maze of crossword puzzle of currency symbol | SOLUTION HERE

Cats and Instadebit Casino Payments

cat can't solve the crossword puzzle - cat memeThe Instadebit eWallet can be used easily and conveniently for all online casino banking needs at the Download Casino, the Flash Casino, the iPad casino and the mobile casino. The eWallet is an electronic wallet that lets gamers securely transfer money directly to and from an InstaDebit casino. The payment option is a favourite of casino gamers worldwide who appreciate the convenience and flexibility of the InstaDebit casinos banking solution that supports their banking needs and expectations. To facilitate transfer of funds from a local Canadian bank account into a casino account, a player establishes his online casino account by cat art mosaicsubmitting a username and a password to open the account. Once the account has been opened the gamer can select his preferred game. The casino will prompt the player by asking him whether he wants to practice for free in the Free Mode or play for real money prizes in the Real Mode. The free mode is available for gamers to play whenever they want for as long as they want, but when a player is ready to play for real, the casino will ask him to link his casino account to his online banking account. Canadian players can click the “Instadebit” logo on the casino’s banking page to link their casino activities to their Instadebit account which enables them to transfer funds to the casino without revealing any personal banking information. Once the link has been verified the player can add funds to his Instadebit a dog an his shadow paintingeWallet through real-time bank transfers or fast bank transfers. The fast bank transfer service is facilitated via a unique reference number for the deposit. Deposits made using this method will take three to five business days to complete. Real-time bank transfers allow gamblers to connect directly to their local Canadian bank and transfer funds within minutes. There are no casino fees for an Instadebit transaction. Withdrawals are transferred from the casino account to the player’s Instadebit account instantly. The Instadebit payment option is supported by the all casino platforms so regardless of the player’s location or available gaming time he can play at his convenience. Gamblers can download the casino software into their laptop or desktop PC and play via Instadebit at the Download Casino or, if they prefer, play on a public computer’s browser at the Instant Casino. For gamers who want to play on their front porch as their cat snoozes peacefully in their lap, the mobile casino is available 24/7 for Instadebit gambling..

cat meme of sith crossguard light sabre

Currency Crossword Maze Solution

SOLUTION to the currency crossword puzzle maze

VIP Casino Girl Fish Maze

Great maze of a girly fish created by Yanito Freminoshi for a VIP Casino. Its a maze and a spot the differences puzzle and an optical illusion, all in one.

maze of art of a girl fish for a VIP Casino

Maze of a Girl Fish for a VIP Casino | By Yanito Freminoshi |  SOLUTION HERE

The Racing For Pinks Maze Puzzle Illusion AGAIN

find the difference and maze puzzle illusion

CLICK the image for SOLUTION to the spot the difference and maze.

There are a number of advantages to playing at the biggest and most respected casino sites. There are usually more games at the biggest sites, and more promotions around the most popular ones. There also tends to be a strong commitment to customer service so people can be sure that they will get the best playing experience possible. But perhaps the most important reason to play at the bigger casino sites is because they offer the quoted falling behindwidest range of payment options, including effective banking systems like InstadDebit, which is a favorite among casino fans in Canada. Smaller and less credible casino sites tend to limit their payment options only to credit cards and bank transfers. But InstaDebit is more private and more safe. It lets people focus on the games, not their money, which is not only more enjoyable for most people but also more effective when it comes to making sound betting decisions. Another way people have been gaining an edge in their playing is to combine two things they enjoy doing into a single activity – playing casino games and bonding with their pet cats. People who bring their pet cats with them when they play iPad casino games have a better experience. They tend to be more relaxed than they would be if their cat wasn’t with them, and they tend to enjoy the bonding experience so much, it makes other aspects of the games less important. The cat won’t make people more lucky than they would be otherwise, but it might make them feel more lucky because their experience is so much richer than it would be without the cat. And if people are calmer and happier, they are also likely to make better betting decisions, especially if they are playing mobile roulette, or even mobile blackjack.

Treasure Chest Maze for Online Slots Game

maze of treasure chest from some online slots game

Treasure Chest Maze from an online slots game | MAZE’S SOLUTION

Playing Online Slots Along Side your Cat

cat meme of not thinking outside the box for online slots page

Play online slots curled up to one of these…

The secret is out, but it’s not out to too many people yet. One of the best diet methods around today is actually the online slots games. You might say “What?” but it’s really true. Why are the online slots games such an awesome way to lose weight? Here are a few reasons. When people play slots in their house, they get so wrapped up in the games that they usually don’t want to tear themselves away to get that ice cream or to make that sandwich. They prefer to just be where they are with the games. They can sit in their pajamas petting their kitten and relaxing on the couch. And they don’t want to have to move the cat and get up to get a snack. And this actually helps meme pun of fearthem to lose weight. Similarly, since the online slots games can go anywhere that a person can go today, they can really enjoy themselves without thinking about stopping for a snack. This means that they can be watching the sunset at the seaside and decide to have fun with online slots. And rather than going to get an ice cream and eating it during the sunset, they might instead take out their iPad or iPod and play online slots. Now, if people think about the land based casino, this is a great place to actually gain weight. This is because the land based casinos usually offer food for free and drinks all night long. And while you’re playing and have nowhere else to go, you think about the drinks and the food and you just keep accepting them. So, if people think about the online slots games versus the land based games, and they want to lose weight, it’s obvious which is the best choice. Have fun today.
punaholics shopping fun

Treasured Chest Maze SOLUTION

maze solution for treasure chest maze for online slots

Punched in the Balaclava Maze

Balaclava Punched Maze

Maze of a Balaclava getting face punched | Maze Solution HERE

This maze of a balaclava getting face punched is by Yanito Freminoshi, and is part of the FREE MAZES Project, rendered to the public domain with NO RIGHTS RESERVED. Feel free to use this maze for any and all purposes.

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Balaclava Face Punched Maze SOLUTION
maze solution Balaclava